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Deer Valley

Mixed Meat Bowl

Large - 3/4 lb $18.99Regular - 1/2 lb $15.99Small - 1/3 lb $13.99
What's On Top? Pick 4:BBQ Sour Cream Gravy Green Chili Sauce Jalapenos Pickles Queso +$1.25Shredded Cheese Coleslaw
What's the Bowl Base? Pick 2:BBQ Beans Cornbread Green Beans Kernel Corn Mac & Cheese Mashed Potatoes Seasoned Rice
Two Meat Choices:Pork Choice Chicken Choice Sausage Choice Brisket Choice +$2.50
Sauce Choice:Sweet & Mild Golden BBQ Crazy J's Hot *No Sauce*
Extra BBQ Sauce:Sweet & Mild +$0.25Crazy J's Hot +$0.25Golden BBQ +$0.25
Double Barrel the Meat??:Add Double Barrel Pork +$4.50Add Double Barrel Chicken +$4.50Add Double Barrel Sausage +$4.50Add Double Barrel Brisket +$6.50